How to put on a bird diaper

How to put on a bird diaper

How To Diaper

Tame Bird

  1. Place your Bird Diaper on a flat surface.
  2. Open the Velcro tabs wide apart , place bird in middle , then placing one of the elastic openings over the shoulder.
  3. Repeat this step for the other wing  then fasten the diaper at the rear.
  4. Place bird on your finger or a round timber round doweling.
  5. Gently relocate legs to outside the diaper openings,
  6. Straighten out the suit by gently tugging on the bag part of the garment.

Not So Tame Bird

  1. Not recommended for aggressive birds.
  2. Not recommend on birds that are not tame in any way .
  3. Do not attempt on birds that are not very tame.
Bird Diaper Instructions
Here a few tips on introducing your pet to the New BirdSuit.
it only require patience and persistence.
We as humans get frustrated with the pet getting entangled in Diaper.
 I also go thru that process when I put a Diaper on a New bird who have never worn the diaper.
Firstly Allow the Bird to see BirdSuit.
Slowly place the BirdSuit closer to the bird and cage.
Allow the bird to examine the Fabric.
I recommend that when you put diaper on the pet,
You put your finger under its legs and hold the back of the diaper and lift up the diaper and bird so it just touch's your finger.
So they don't get their legs caught in the diaper. 
Let me reassure you that with patience you will achieve getting the bird to sit quietly in diaper,
Distract them by feeding Special treats while fitting the BirdSuit for the first time.
Separate ALL of the Sunflower Seeds  out of there normal diet, so they know it is a special treat for them while fitting diaper.
Use plenty of verbal praise.
Space out the above procedures over a week
If the bird bites the diaper distract it by give it some treats, don't let it bite the diaper,  you can also use some STOP PICK, it is a herbal product at most pet stores, it gives a bitter taste.
I use the diaper when we are going out and the bird is handled allot so it doesn't have time to think of the diaper ,
Below are some videos instructions on how to put on Diaper .
Regards Phil