Dog Steel Portable Poop Scooper

Dog Steel Portable Poop Scooper

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Pet Dog Waste Pooper Scooper

We are proud to help you stop bending and picking up your pet's waste.
At length of 82cm high ,  it is one of the tallest Scoopers on the market.
Using our Poop Scoop will make picking up Poop quick and painless job.
Our Poop Scooper is very easy to use, you dont need to get close to your pets waste.

Large Capacity Steel Metal Scoop
Powder Coated Metal parts.
Rubber Grip Handles
Easy to Use and More Environmental
Lightweight and Durable
Paddle clips to Scoop Handle
Plastic Scoop Tray Folds Up for Easy Storage.
Plastic Scooper and Handles Has Easy Hang Loops
No Nuts and Bolts
Handle Snap locks into Scooper.
Superior PLASTIC Unit.
Product Dimension Height Metal  82cm  Plastic  94cm Taller Unit
Aluminum Handle Thick 16mm Thick 25mm Thicker Handle
Shovel Size 21 x 17  x 7cm High 21 x 17 x 8cm High Bigger Tray
Blade Size 14 cm x 11 cm 16 x 15cm High Bigger Blade
Package Dimensions 82 x 21 x 13cm approx 94 x 21 x 13cm approx Shovel Folds Up For Easy Storage.
Package Weight 2kg approx 2kg approx

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