Dog Bed Heavy Duty ONLY CANVAS COVER for Trampoline Bed

Dog Bed Heavy Duty ONLY CANVAS COVER for Trampoline Bed

Time to replace that old Dog Bed Cover? We've got you covered! - Pet Homes supplies a range of quality Dog Bed Covers in varying sizes, colours and styles.
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Dog Bed ONLY CANVAS HEAVY DUTY for Large Trampoline


We Supply Zip Ties to Tie Down Cover
Large size up to 134cm x 100cm - Bed area
XLarge size up to 143cm x 100cm  - Bed area

Trampoline Bed not included

Keep your Pets happy and comfortable with this thoughtfully designed Heavy Duty Canvas Pet Bed Cover.
For a practical and attractive way to pamper your pet,
Vets recommend using Trampoline beds to keep your Pets elevated from cold and damp surfaces.
Provides comfortable support for Pets with arthritic or geriatric issues,.
There is no better choice than a great pet bed.
Limited stock – pick up this bargain quick!


* Large Duty Canvas Pet Bed Cover.
* Designed Tough Canvas
* Comes with Plastic Zip Ties to fit bedding area
* Heavy Duty Canvas fabric
* Great for taking traveling, camping and naps in the backyard.
* Comfortable and a great place to sleep (for your pets that is!).
* Breathable fabric which resists mould & mildew
Flea & mite resistant

* .Maximum weight capacity 35kg

  • Bed Cover comes in
  • BLACK with Black Trim
  • BLACK with Blue Trim
  • BLUE with Yellow Trim 
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