Dog Mat Cooling Non-Toxic Summer Pad

Dog Mat Cooling Non-Toxic Summer Pad

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(CLMT-SCRM-BLU9050) Scream COOL PAD Blue Large 90 x 50cm
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(CLMT-SCRM-BRNZ9050) Scream COOL PAD Bronze Large 90 x 50cm
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(CLMT-SCRM-PNK9050) Scream COOL PAD Pink Large 90 x 50cm
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Pet Cool Gel Mat For Dog or Cat
Non-Toxic Cooling Summer Bed Pad

Dogs and Cats with thick fur tend to feel hotter inside, and what they really need is a cooling pad!
Let them feel cooler whenever they need it any time.
What's really fascinating is, it doesn't require water nor electricity nor refrigerated before hand.
Just apply weight on it, and it'll instantly feel the coolness from it. How fascinating?

Foldable and portable, bring it to wherever you go with your pet!
Get them now for your lovely buddy and see how much they enjoy it!
When the mat eventually becomes warm from your pet’s body temperature,
Simply remove your pet and allow the mat to re-cool and it will be ready to use once again!

NOTE: COOL MAT is not suitable for dogs that may chew or scratch at it..
Large is Not suitable for Fully Grown Border Collie , you would need Xlarge Mat


Cover: Thick Nylon

Filling Material: Gel and Sponge

Waterproof: Yes

XSmall:-  40 x 50cm

Small :-  45 x 60cm

Medium :-  65 x 50cm

Large:- 90 x 50cm

XLarge:- 81 x 96cm

Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
Cool mat is Not Suitable for Dogs that May Chew or Scratch at it..


*Self Cooling Mat - No water, no refrigeration, no electricity

*SGS approved - Non toxic and 100% safe

*Keep your pets cool time to time

*Real comfort for pets with joint pains

*Lightweight and portable

*Foldable for storing and travelling

*Can be used indoor and outdoor

*Easy to clean surface

*Long lasting quality

*Also can be used for laptops, etc.

Care instructions

  • Do not expose under blazing sun
  • Wipe clean using a damp sponge or cloth
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean
  • Do not hang for long periods of time
  • Flatten mat to dry
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